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Common Voice

The new home for machine-learning based voice technologies -- including software, tools, and datasets.

Voice technology should be available to everyone, in every language. We want to make it easy and affordable to deploy voice experiences through a set of comprehensive, commercially competitive, collaboratively built, open voice tools. Creating this set of tools will enable more businesses and forward-thinking developers around the globe to innovate by voice-enabling applications and/or devices without relying on Big Tech.
Common Voice

Common Voice

Common Voice is Mozilla's global crowdsourcing initiative to build multilingual open voice datasets that help teach machines how real people speak.

Common Voice

Mozilla Voice STT

Our open source Speech-to-Text engine, that can run on anything from an off-line Raspberry Pi 4 to a server class machine, implemented with Google’s TensorFlow framework.

Common Voice

Mozilla Voice TTS

Built with advanced machine learning methods (Tacotron), our open source Text-to-Speech engine enables high quality, natural and human-like voice synthesis.

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Get Started

Mozilla Voice Developer Tools provide several key components of a full open source voice "stack". These components can be readily integrated with existing applications and platforms as well as suitable complementary technologies from other sources.

Mozilla Voice is built developer-first; giving you the APIs, documentation and tools to provide you with more choice in voice.

Our intention is that, over time, Mozilla Voice will become a feature rich voice technology platform.

Voice Mission

Mozilla Voice aims to contribute to a more diverse, decentralized, and innovative voice technology ecosystem through quality data, competitive, scalable, easy to use developer tools and inspiring products. In a world where voice experiences become the default way to interact with the internet and the technologies around us,

we want these voice experiences to be privacy-preserving, open, and accessible to everyone. Because competition and openness are healthy for innovation. Because under - resourced languages are an issue of access and equity. Because privacy and control matter. Especially over your voice.

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